Well, since Mollie didn't start chemo last week, we had a fun, fun Halloween. We kicked off the day by trick-or-treating at the hospital. We got to see all of the staff dressed up and Mollie got tons of candy and non-edible treats (stickers, pencils, a tooth brush!).

That was followed by pumpkin carving at our house, trick-0r-treating in our neighborhood with Bella, and then to Inna's well-decorated house for tea.

Lucy was the side kick (she was the big bad wolf to Mollie's red riding hood) and she fell asleep while trick-or-treating.

Problems uploading pictures.... will get them soon I hope!


  1. Those pictures were so sweet, I got a sugar rush! (Also, love the Slide. I'll be adding that in for us as well. Awesome.)

  2. Very cute! Mollie is a much better Little Red Riding Hood than I! You can see my photo my blog....thanks for sharing the photos!!

  3. The 'wolf' is hysterical! Go lucy!


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