Awake at 1:22 a.m.

Why? It has nothing to do with Mollie. Well, actually, just a teeny tiny bit. Mollie loves to change her outfit and I didn't realize quite how much her laundry had backed up, so I washed a bunch of it today.

Tonight the plan was 1) fold mounds of laundry 2) go to bed.

Here's how it went down: I started folding the laundry. I was about 1/3 done when Lucy started screaming. Went up, checked on her, tried to get her back to sleep, but no luck. I decided to let her cry for a little while while I folded some more laundry. That is when disaster struck- Otis (the cat) puked, leaving a big trail of cat vomit all over the living room carpet. Meanwhile, Matt got up and was, to put it gently, a little miffed at Otis. We still couldn't get Lucy to stop crying. I guess all the commotion woke Molle, who came downstairs to "make sure nobody fell down or anything."

How sweet is that?

Back to cleaning up cat puke...


  1. Ew on the cat puke.....hope you get to bed soon!

  2. A little bit of canned pumpkin (like a teaspoon or less) keeps the hairballs away. :-)

    I have no idea where I learned that but it works wonderfully on our two fuzzballs. Just don't use too much or it acts like a laxative!

    Sending you a shoulder and neck rub Fairy today...

  3. I promise you a chance to sleep-in late, or turn-in early, or both when I am there for Thanksgiving. Of course Dad will do his usual job of keeping the Otis mess to a minimum. Love you.

  4. laughing my butt off at your expense. sorry.


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