Laughter is the best medicine! Sorry for the blurry picture- I was laughing too hard at Princess Lucy to hold the camera still.

Mollie was a chatterbox today (normal!). She said she wants to go all over the planet some day. And she said she wants to be a doctor who can help people eat different foods when she grows up. Here she is before we went out for ice cream today.

We also watched "Why, Charlie Brown, Why?" today. It is pretty good and Mollie liked it. Linus befriends a little girl who finds out she has leukemia. The video very simply deals with a lot of issues. I was looking for something that we could use as a way to get Mollie to voice her feelings/questions. This might be it.


  1. Sounds like you couldn't be doing a better job as a mom. I prayed for you and Mollie this morning before going to work.

    Great photos. You really are a photographer!

    Take care,
    Michael Konomos

  2. cuties! i really miss you guys right now. i'd make you come over for a tea party if i could.

  3. Thanks Michael! Mollie LOVED the fairy that you drew. I made photocopies of it so she could color them!


  4. You have two very cute girls there!

  5. I will have to do another. I just scratched that one out quickly when I saw you guys had already left the room, so I could leave something. Hang in there and we'll keep praying for you.

  6. I miss you guys so much already and I have only been home for 24 hours! Getting back to work was a bit difficult this morning but once I was there I felt so much better. Everyone is pulling for Mollie and they have expressed so much care and concern for you guys that I am just amazed. It feels great knowing that I am part of a group like that. Tell Mollie I think about her every minute and I am sending her my happy thoughts and good energy!
    Love to you all.

  7. i love the old shirt paint smock in the background. lala's art smock is an old shirt of mike's too.


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