Good news today- Mollie's bone marrow looks normal, meaning the cancer is in remission (according to her oncologist and the pathologist). This is good, but I don't want to get ahead of ourselves. We have the remainder of the 28-day induction period, and then the intensification therapy and maintenance therapy. Without continuing therapy, the leukemia almost always relapses. So we're looking at, probably, ~3 years of treatment, but it all depends on blood counts, bone marrow results, etc.

And then there's some not so good news: one of my good friends, nea, told me yesterday that her mom (B.A.) was diagnosed with cancer. I don't know the details yet, but I'm sure she's struggling with a lot of the same feelings and fears. Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers.

The thing about cancer is it doesn't discriminate. I have been trying to learn as much about A.L.L. as I can and, of course, I've come across articles about potential risk/protective factors. Some of the things that may "reduce" the risk for A.L.L.:

-the mother taking folate supplements during pregnancy
-eating lots of fruits and vegetables during the first 2 years of life
-being in daycare during the first year of life

Obviously, these studies just deal with risks/probabilities. When I was pregnant with Mollie, I took folate and other prenatal vitamins. I ate (and still eat) lots of fruits, veggies, and unprocessed foods. I have made Mollie eat those foods too. And, she started daycare when she was 8 months old. Yet, we are where we are.

I am a scientist, so it's hard for me not to dwell on the "why." But, I am moving beyond this by focusing on Mollie and her treatment, and hoping that all we have done to ensure Mollie's good health will help her beat the cancer.


  1. It's hard not to ask why. Author John Irving was hugely popular in the 90's for his books (A Prayer for Owen Meany, Cider House Rules, etc.), almost all of which revolved around the theme "bad things happening to good people". I think the theme resonated with so many because it happens so often. You're clearly doing the right thing to focus on the here and now of getting Mollie through this. The Why's, if dwelled on, will haunt us forever.

  2. thank you, S, for mentioning my mom.and she couldn't believe you took time to send her an email. cancer just sucks.
    that is the first piece of good news on mollie's treatment and a good first step. i am so glad to hear it!


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