New challenges.

So, we're all home now. And after quite a while vegging out in front of the t.v., Mollie decided it was time to play "store". Her bedroom is upstairs and she went up a couple of times to get more "cool stuff" to sell in her store. I love it!

When I mentioned challenges, I was thinking about how I'm going to keep Mollie entertained/engaged. The drugs cause erratic changes in her energy level and mood (or, as Dr. V. said, they will "accentuate her personality"). We want to try to keep things as normal as possible, but it will test us. Tonight, one of Mollie's friends came over to welcome her home and she totally snubbed her, even though she was really excited that she was coming to visit 10 minutes before.

I am still teaching and finding the time to correct exams and record grades is not easy. And neither is responding to the flood of e mail and phone calls we've been getting. We love hearing from our friends and family! Knowing that there are so many people out there who care is a tremendous support. So keep 'em coming and I'll try to respond when I get the time.


  1. I am happy to hear that Mollie gets to be home! I'll send out my extra energy to you to keep you going through lectures and being a consumer in your new "store"

  2. I'm thinking of you guys today (I'm always thinking of you), but I know that today you might need some extra thoughts. I hope Mollie got our package and I hope you are hanging in there. We love you lots!


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