Today was a good day. Matt spent the night at the hospital (as he has been EVERY night) and got a decent amount of sleep. I got in this morning and took Mollie to the CMC (Children's Medical Center) library to pick out some books and movies (princesses, ponies, and more princesses). They have these big red wagons for toting kids and their stuff at the hospital, so I pulled Mollie all over the place- outside to see the pond, into the lobby to see the player piano, and down just about every hallway in the hospital. She loved it and just wanted me to go faster!

Later in the afternoon Mollie got her PEG-asparaginase (chemo) and today it was two intramuscular injections in her thighs. She was not happy about that and didn't really get up out of bed much after that because her legs hurt.

Thank goodness Lucy is such happy-go-lucky girl! She is a trooper and none of this seems to be phasing her much. She always makes Mollie smile (and vice versa) so we try to let them spend as much time together as possible.

It's truly amazing how much our family has changed in one week. I am able to hold my daughter down while she screams about getting her finger pricked. Mollie is demanding chicken nuggets (it's the steroids). Matt is documenting every temperature/BP reading, doctor visit, etc. and keeping on top of ALL of Mollie's treatment issues. Lucy is on the verge of rolling over, is sticking her tongue out all the time, and babbling (she said "da-da" on Father's day).

Thank you everyone who has sent well-wishes, cards, balloons, etc. Mollie loves every bit of it and she's got so much stuff in her hospital room that it's blocking the view! No idea how we're going to get it all home (which might be tomorrow- keep your fingers crossed).


  1. I've really been thinking of you and your family, wishing we could be there. I haven't told Izzy about Mollie yet, I'm not sure how she would take it. I have no doubt that Mollie will fully recover; she's a fighter. I'm sure that she'll be getting something from Izzy soon, though. My thoughts are with you. Amy

  2. There'll be another box of goodies on the way tomorrow! I'm keeping Uncle Sam updated and I'm glad brothers got to talk recently. You know my number if there's a thing in the world I can do. And I talked to our MIL this afternoon and she said Mollie's understanding things fairly well and told stories indicating she's a pretty perceptive 4-year-old. That's not just good genes in my opinion-- it's good parenting! Will be in touch :)

  3. Hi Sarah,

    We are thinking about you and Matt and Mollie and Lucy everyday. Thanks for sharing your blog with us.


  4. so glad for the updates. thank you for posting. hugs to mollie.


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