Does anyone know if you can buy a regular scrapbook anymore? I don't want a fancy one with plastic sleeves- just something plain where I can stick all of the cards and well-wishes that Mollie has received.

Today went well. It seems that "hurry up and wait" is SOP around the hospital. No finger stick (yay!), but the port access was difficult. Mollie said she was going to kick the nurse, but I convinced her to just squeeze my hands and "holler if it hurt". She did super. Then we had to wait for her blood counts (really good, ANC = 1700). After that they administered the vincristine and sent her to surgery for the spinal tap and bone marrow aspirate. We should get the bone marrow results tomorrow or Monday.

And the docs took off all the band-aids and port access while she was still out so a big thank you to them!

And a huge thank you to our friend Michelle who has provided us with dinner for the next few nights (at least!) from a local catering place.


  1. sarah, what kind of scrapbook? the peel page type or one you can just paste things into? i just sealed up a box for you guys that includes a journal that i thought you and matt might want to write in, but maybe you want to use it for mollie. i completely meant to print your email and blog entries so far and tuck them in with a photo of mollie but i forgot until seeing your entry here.

  2. I'm glad things went well today. I felt bad after writing that you are done with induction in my last comment. I got you mixed up with another newly diagnosed family. I'm glad Mollie's ANC is so stable and she was able to handle the port access well. (my daughter hates it, too) Thinking good thoughts for all of you. I hope you have a mellow, uneventful week! XO, Paulette

  3. Glad to hear that things are going better. I am not working tomorrow and will be with Izzy all day. Would there be a good time for Izzy to call and talk to Mollie?

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  5. Do you have something similar to a Hobby Lobby there? (I just researched and there aren't any in Augusta, but Aiken has one, etc. http://www.hobbylobby.com/site3/store/astate.cfm?hlstate=GA). They used to have a good selection. And if someone else who reads this doesn't have a better thought, it looks like you can just go to scrapbook.com! One last thought: if all else fails, a big, fat binder with thick, sturdy folders. That way you can expand and rearrange easily as necessary, tab, etc. (and it's possible to do cutely :)

  6. I'll check out the hobby lobby. I have a scrapbook for Mollie's baby stuff that was just a cheap, post-bound album with plain white paper inside. It's big enough to paste 4-5 greeting cards per page and has 50 or so pages. Anyway, I've been on the lookout for one like it for Lucy, but no luck.

    I didn't think to look at Hobby Lobby or Michael's.


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