A Little Better

Mollie had a better day today. She went to school, but was still not up to 100%. No surprise since her last dose of steroids was last night. This was just a really tough bout with steroids. It was hard for Matt and I to tell whether Mollie was feeling bad from the cough/sinus infection, steroids, or both. The cough is still hanging on, but she is definitely in a better mood than last week.

Hopefully, she will continue to feel better, despite the cold weather, and will be ready for her flu shot next week. Lucy was supposed to get her flu shot this week, but she woke up with a fever today! We think it is from teething, or maybe she's just getting a cold. I took her to the pediatrician to get checked out and I wanted to run out of the building because of all the sick people in the waiting room! I hope we didn't catch anything while we were there.


  1. This season of colds and flu is not fun for anyone, I have stocked up on antibacterial wipes. I hope she is 100% soon.

  2. I just got a visual of you darting out of a room of sick people in a small dr's office. Thanks for the smile ;)


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