Hospital: Day #4

10-24 7:45am Fever back again, 38.4 C. Maybe the silver lining is that she held it off longer this time around. Anyway, will wait and see what her counts are this morning.

Fever is back down to normal (9:30 AM). Counts are going the wrong way! Down again today. Just had a discussion with Dr. B. We are switching Mollie to clindamycin, although I think Dr. B thinks this is viral and has a longer course (5-7 days). The clindamycin is because it still looks like Mollie might have some sinusitis and the clinda is better for that than the vanc, but still provides broad spectrum coverage. She thinks Mollie looks good, doesn't want to do a flu test because if they do it, they have to move Mollie out of the oncology hallway and into the main hall (without the benefit of the positive pressure rooms). Also, Mollie got her regular dose of Septra yesterday, which can suppress counts, so we are now holding that as well as the chemo. So, we wait and hope the counts start going up. We are all encouraged that there is a longer time between fevers. I wish there was something else we could do to bring the counts up!

Mollie seems well. I stopped and got her a bagel with cream cheese on the way to the hospital this morning and she had the biggest smile and scarfed it down! And she had already eaten her breakfast. Right now she's up drawing on the white board in her room and we're tied after two games of Pretty Pretty Princess. We've been working a little each day on making a haunted house out of a cardboard box, so we'll probably work on that a little more today and just try to keep busy.

Thanks everyone for all the encouragement, cards, etc. It really helps keep our spirits up!


  1. Thanks for keeping us all updated. Even though we're far away, we're thinking of you guys!! Oh that haunted house from cardboard sounds like fun to me!!

  2. 815pm 10/24

    Mollie's fever again returned tonight, to 38.4 C. She was given Tylenol, of note is that she lasted over 12 hours between fever spikes this time. We watched "Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy" online, which she thought was hilarious, and she went to bed. Im hoping at least that she can sleep well through the night without any more fever issues. They took more lab cultures from her as well, again we are still hoping for some good news on her counts. For a kid as sick as she is, she is in such a good mood and as sweet as can be, joking with the nurses and telling me about all of the crafts she did today with Sarah. She is very excited about Halloween, I sure hope we manage to get out of here by then.

  3. She WILL be home by Halloween! I know it. Thanks for all of the updates. We love you all very much. xoxo
    Cousin Syl

  4. yes, thank you for the updates. you guys have been on my mind A LOT.

  5. Hi Mollie,
    I know that you and your family are loved so much because all of your friends and relatives always take time to talk to you. Uncle Billy is in MEXICO RIGHT NOW WITH A RACE CAR.

  6. Well, Mollie my last message was sort of a mistake. If you want to see a picture of Uncle Billy have your mom or dad give me a call. I was out looking at the stars last night - maybe we can look at them together some night. We could both see the same stars even though we are far apart.
    I love you very much. I hope you get better very soon.
    Love you,
    TC the grouch


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