"Normal" day

Mollie's cough/cold did not get worse and she really wanted to go to school today, so she went. She had another good day and has been asking tons of questions about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. because they had a birthday party for him at school.

It hovered around freezing all day today so we didn't spend any time outside, but we did a few errands this afternoon. Some kids in the store noticed Mollie's hair and were asking their mom about it. Mollie was totally ignoring it; I thought she didn't even hear until she whispered, "I think a big kid saw my head and didn't even touch it." She is okay with the hair situation, but always glances longingly at the hair bows in the store. Her hair is growing back, but it's going to be a while before she can wear hair bows.


  1. Glad Mollie was able to go to school like she wanted. She is such a bright young lady! I love all the new pictures that you have up thank you for sharing those! I will drop by again soon to check for an update!! ~Carrie & Zackary


  2. Does she know that MLKJr is her cousin?

    Does she ever wear a wig? Maybe she could put bows on that and pretend?


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