Weekend happenings

Well, Mollie fought off the cold and had a nice weekend. We went bowling on Saturday and the highlight for Mollie was buying a Hershey bar out of the vending machine. Unfortunately, Lucy ended up with a fever and cough so she's been a cranky bug most of the weekend.

Mollie and Lucy both slept over at our friends' house Sat. night so Matt and I had an enjoyable evening eating burritos, watching some Netflix, and then we got to sleep. And even sleep IN! Today, we went up to a children's museum, EdVenture, in Columbia, SC with Michelle and Isabella. The museum was pretty neat; Mollie's favorite part was the kid sized grocery market. She spent a lot of time in there shopping, checking out, and restocking the shelves. Isabella liked the African drums in the Timbuktu exhibit. Both girls had a great time jumping in the stomach of Eddie, the worlds largest child.

Tomorrow morning we are off to clinic to get Mollie's counts. We're hoping for a good ANC, but I won't be surprised if it's a little low since she's been fighting off that cold. Then later this week we will celebrate Lucy's birthday! She has been such a little trooper, going to almost all of Mollie's clinic and hospital visits!

Please send your good thoughts and prayers to our friends Katie and Molly.

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