School Day

Mollie had a great day at school! She stayed the whole day, ate well, napped, and was happy when I picked her up. What she said about the experience "Well.... I was kind of conscious about my hair when I got there, but in the little while I got un-conscious." Tomorrow she is supposed to bring in an item item that begins with the letter M and she thinks she might just bring in herself.

Her hair is coming back in and it is so soft. I can't stop rubbing her head!

It was a good way to begin the week.


  1. another mollie quote that gave us all a chuckle. i am so glad it wasn't a MOANday for you guys!

  2. I love reading all of your posts but I LOVE it when they only make me smile, no tears of anything -just a smile! eh

  3. I think she should bring in Mighty Magnificent Mollie!

  4. Yay for the school day! So glad it went so well!

  5. fabulous! sounds like a great start!


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