So far.... so good.

Mollie has been having a great week! Really. Getting her up and moving in the morning has not been bad at all. She is really into fashion and make-up so she gets her outfits and accessories all picked out the night before. She's been happy when she gets to school and happy when she gets home. In fact, she's been more energetic and happier than she's been in a while.

Next week she'll get her counts checked and then she has another two weeks before more IV chemo. A few kids in her class have sniffles and/or coughs so I'm praying that we all stay healthy. We're really promoting the hand sanitizer!!


  1. yay! I love that mollie is into fashion!!!

  2. Hello,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Mollie is really beautiful!

    I will most definitely pop in often and come and read your updates! And I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts!

    Lea White

  3. Hey Mollie I have been wanting to stop by and leave you a comment. I went and spoke on Monday night @ the Team in Training meeting. I hear you are one of the honored heros!! You are going to love it!! Zackary was the honored hero last season and we were able to go cheer the group on in Tn. I am so glad that you are having a great time and able to go to school! Zackary is doing okay he goes in for spinal chemo on Tuesday. Maybe we will see you there! We had the kick off for Relay for Life here in Harlem on Tuesday night. Zackary walks in the survivor lap each year! We are saying prayers for you!I will leave Zackary's site which I so need to update!! God Bless!!

    Carrie & Zackary


  4. I was just wondering how school was going. How's mom and Lucy handling the quiet days? So glad that some form of 'normal' has returned. I push the hand sanitizer and Kleenex like crazy. I hope you all have a good, quiet weekend.



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