Coughing *Updated with photos*

Five minutes (literally) after my post last night, Mollie came downstairs with a cough! It sounded like she had a hairball. No fever... but she wanted me to sleep with her because she was kind of freaked out (me too). I slept in her room and she hardly coughed the rest of the night (and I have a crook in my neck from being squished between Mollie and the wall). I kept her home from school, and so far the cough is just an a occasional cough. Let's hope it stays that way!

We went to a little park up in N. Augusta today and the girls had a great time playing . Mollie had fun throwing rocks into the little creek and scaring the tadpoles, and Lucy tried to eat sand!

We came home to find a package of pirate goodies from my aunt and uncle so Mollie spent the evening searching for "treasure" around the house. And we had an 80's dance party before bed!


  1. ugh!you guys DON'T need colds! i hope it goes away without getting worse and you avoid another hospital visit. is it cold there? i have been hearing on the news that our "heat wave" is being coutnered by a freeze as far south as you!

  2. Wonderful photos! I love those ear muffs, they are so cute!

    Hope the coughs and colds pass by quickly!

  3. We received a thank you card from the King family with special artwork by Mollie. It warmed my heart.
    I hope that the cough has disappeared but if it hasn't I know that Mollie will receive the best of care.
    However, I must note that the most humorous part of this post was the phrase "Lucy tried to eat sand". My experience tells me that Lucy would try to eat the car if she could (and I have fed that girl)!
    The family looks great and all of you are in my thoughts & prayers every day.
    TC the Grouch


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