Quick update

Mollie was in very good spirits today! She was playing hide and go seek, London bridge is falling down, doing artwork, having a tea party, playing with playdough. Basically, she was just being a kid.

Her lesion seems to be the same/better depending on who you ask. Her onc is saying she'll probably go home in 1-2 more days. We are all looking forward to that!

Mollie is awesome!! She has gotten a ton of toys and gifts since she's been in the hospital. Tonight we read "The Night Before Christmas" and she said, "I'm not so sure Santa needs to bring me any toys because I have so many. I have an idea... maybe we can give some of my toys to Santa's workshop so he can give them to other kids who don't have very many toys." She's so sweet!

Note: Jay and Diane are arranging for earmuffs!

Thanks for all the wonderful messages! Between hospital duty and Lucy duty, we have had NO time to respond to everyone, but please know that we appreciate all of the support!


  1. Yay! Yay! Yay!
    This is great news.
    And Mollie is TOO sweet for words.
    Give her a hug and a high five from me!

  2. Mollie -- sorry to hear about you being in the hospital. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Pam & Courson Hutchison


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