Good News

This morning Mollie's ANC is 500 and she is going to be discharged. We can bring her home! Of course, she says she doesn't want to go because she doesn't want to have her central line de-accessed. We will give her GCSF (neupogen) shots at home over the weekend (or she might get one before she leaves here. That should help her counts rebound faster.

Back to clinic on Monday for evaluation and discussion of how/when to resume treatment. Neupogen is not normally used in leukemia patients, although we know a few other kids who have gotten the shots. We have a lot of questions, but we realize that we first have to get this skin infection/lesion healed.

Mollie just asked me what "b-a-l" spelled. I said, "ball." She said, "No... just ONE 'L'!!!" I did not know she knew how to spell ball. Now she wants to play "SuperWhy" on the computer so I'm signing off.


  1. That's a beautiful Christmas tree you are decorating Mollie. I am so glad that you will be headed home. Enjoy your weekend!



  2. i love the photo and am so glad you are home. this is a recent post on the blog that belongs to someone who visited my blog. is this a friend of yours? regardless, the topic is relevant!

  3. Yeah! Back home for the holidays! I hope you have fun getting ready for Santa!


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