ANC = 12

That's better than zero... but now Dr. A thinks Mollie will probably be here until Friday. And, as always, that is just an estimate.

Ms. Kym from Child Life assured us that if we are here on Christmas, Santa does come here and visits each child. So, there's that.

This hospital stay has been really stressful. I knew this was a real possibility, but it is so hard to deal with this around Christmas. It is Lucy's first Christmas. And I love Advent and Christmas and all the baking, music, crafting, lights, etc. that go along with it. But we're not experiencing much of that.

We've had little tastes of Christmas... Mollie's German teacher, our neighbor Teresia, sent us some lovely German Christmas cookies and chocolates. And last night I found a fresh wreath with a big red bow on our front door (thanks! to whomever put it there).


  1. What does this mean for her chemo schedule?

    We're sending well wishes that Christmas may be spent at home.

  2. KP- no idea. I think they are looking at this as one thing at a time. It's definitely a setback and Dr. A and Dr. B have both said she would pick up where she left off, but we will definitely discuss it further.

    And yes... I'm totally worried about how this will affect her long term outcome.

  3. okay, the wreath fairy, whoever you are, made ME cry.


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