From the hospital

Well, we're still here. Mollie's fever has come down, but she still has a nasty skin lesion. They are thinking it could be staph and she is getting vancomycin. The good news is that they don't think it is in her bloodstream; it is probably localized to the skin lesion. The bad news is that the lesion looks a little worse today than yesterday and we are not allowed to leave the hospital room.

It has been a rough day so far... as long as the doctors leave her alone, she's fine. But when anyone wants to poke and prod, she completely panicks. It is so difficult to see her this way. When the infectious disease doc came in, she screamed so hard she gave herself a bloody nose. And she just wants to go home. I have felt nauseated all day. I'm trying to help Mollie be strong and it's so hard to stay positive and not spend all my energy worrying.

Our good friends have been watching Lucy today-- such a relief!


  1. Hi Sarah,
    We are praying for Mollie to heal quickly. I can't imagine what this must be like for you. Your strength amazes me. We're thinking about you.


  2. I hate that you all are in the hospital. I'm sending strong vibes right at Mollie. All our love, Paulette, Isabel and family

  3. How sad for the poor boy next door. Can we send him any treats, or do you know if you'll see him again? It's too bad the hospital can't force the parents to stay or behave the way they should. At least Mollie's getting great care from both her family and her medical crew!!!


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