The Goal

Dr. A said that he is going to try to send Mollie home tomorrow on oral antibiotics and neupogen shots at home! I would like to have her home- at least she will be able to walk around, go outside, eat the food she likes, etc. I think it would be very helpful to her mental state.

My opinion is that she is healing, but her counts are still very, very low (but coming up). The skin lesion looks "not that bad", the same, or a little better- depends who you ask. So, that's where we are.

She continues to be her sweet self for the most part. The heavy antibiotics (and probably also the chemo) are giving her bouts of nausea. And she does not wan to eat. We're working on it. I brought some stuff from home today - cheese, tortillas, applesauce, pecans- that she's been munching on.

ANC is up to 50 and she's getting a platelet transfusion right now.


  1. I don't know (or understand) the medical implications but I believe that Mollie (and you Sarah & Matt) could greatly benefit from Mollie being at home. So I hope that this comes to pass as long as Mollie's care isn't compromised.
    It may be best if I just stay out of the way, but if there is anything I can do PLEASE let me know.

    God bless you all (and y'awl as they say in GA).

    TC the grouch

  2. I hope Mollie makes it home. We're pulling for all of you!

    If we can do ANYTHING, let me know.

  3. It will be so good to be home for Christmas! We are praying for this to happen. Hang in there. Tomorrow isn't too far away! Yay!

  4. Hugs all around. It's not easy dealing with a serious medical condition over the holidays. We are caring for Mollie's great-aunt LaVerne (her great-grandmother Mary Jane Eiler's sister-in-law), who was just diagnosed with stage 4cancer. How much harder it must be with a child. Here's hoping for you all to be together at home tomorrow.



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