The weekend

Mollie had a wonderful weekend (and I didn't bust out the camera - so no pictures).

She went to Nadira's birthday party on Saturday. I didn't go, but from what she tells me, she had fun. I'm really proud of her because this was her first time seeing most of the children at the party since her diagnosis (and hair loss). She said it didn't bother her and one of the girls kept asking her why she didn't have any hair. Mollie said, "I tried to tell her it was because of my leukemia and my medicines, but she just didn't understand. And that's okay."

Today, Bella came over to our house to play for a while and then they both went over to Bella's house. I think they both got their fill of pretend play - house, princess and fairy godmother, ballerinas, and robots.

I think Mollie might be a bit anemic- she looks pale and seems a little more tired than usual. We'll find out at her next clinic visit on Tuesday.


  1. I am always so impressed by the stories that you share. Mollie says some things that are so confident and understanding of what's going on. A reflection maybe of her family and the support she gets through her providers? She is a wonderful girl.

  2. I have to agree with salsita. It's great that she understands as much as a 4-year old can!


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