Today was a long day...

Mollie wanted pancakes! for breakfast. So, I made pancakes, and she didn't eat them. (But Lucy ate 3 whole pancakes!!) All day she just had a hard time making decisions- this is typical behavior for when she is on steroids. Couldn't decided what to eat. Which pants to wear. Which shoes.

I planned to do a little prep for class tonight while Lucy napped, but she only slept for 30 min. So, I was pretty stressed and lost my patience a few times (and then felt guilty). These steroid days bite!

Still, we did enjoy a walk to the park and reading some library books about the constellations. I think we may need to go star-gazing one of these days- or maybe to the planetarium. Some catalogs came in the mail and we had a fun time looking at those, too. I remember how much I loved getting the Christmas catalogs when I was little!

When I got home from teaching tonight, Mollie was sacked out on the sofa with big, dark circles under her eyes. Poor kiddo! She woke up long enough to take her medicine and then I tucked her into bed in her clothes.


  1. Wow! Hopefully today will go much better. Are you sure your not slipping Lucy some steroids? Three pancakes? I remember the thrill of the Christmas catalogs too, they would be so marked up from me marking the things I'd like to have so that everyone would know just what to get for me. Are these the heavy 7 day steroids? Good luck!!!!!! After effects are the worse for Gage. Praying all goes well.

  2. Big hugs that this steroid phase is over soon.....and I too am impressed by 3 pancakes!


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