Good times

The last two days have been quite pleasant.

Today, especially. Mollie and I whipped up a big batch of granola. She has fun mixing in the honey and oil with her bare hands and making a big mess. (And I had fun cleaning it up and eating the granola).

Mollie declared that she wants to be photographer when she grows up. And a mama. And someone who takes care of Germans (don't ask) and mamas and babies. So, she took a few pictures with my camera:

This afternoon, we went to donate blood (well, I donated, while Lucy slept and Mollie chowed down on Chick-fil-A and got pampered by the blood center volunteers).

We stopped at a children's consignment shop on the way home and Mollie started thinking about Christmas. She gave me permission to start working on her Christmas gift- she wants a hand-made nightgown like she got last year!

After dinner, we played *princess* memory. Note to self: next time remove half of the memory cards before playing so it's not so HARD! While we were playing a package arrived from Denny and Susan with some goodies and it totally topped off Mollie's day.


  1. It is hard not to ask about the taking care of Germans, but that is pretty freakin cute.

  2. Great news to hear that you are having some good days. Mollie, if you took the picture of Mama and Lucy......it's beautiful, good job. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, see you Tuesday.

  3. we played italian memory last night and i removed half the cards! LOL

  4. Ooooh, A big pink playhouse for the backyard sounds like tons of fun. How would they do that? Do they bring a team of folks and put it together in one day? How long of a wait do you have until Mollie's wish is granted? That is too cool. Hope your weekend has had a great start to it and will continue to be that way.

  5. Mollie looks so cute in her mismatched knee socks :)


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