Clinic went smoothly today. Mollie's ANC is 300 (500 is considered neutropenic with a serious risk of infection), so we will keep things low key this week. She got her chemo (doxorubicin and vincristine) and started another steroid pulse, so her counts should trend upward. No chemo next week, just a CBC on 11/25.

Mollie's next spinal tap is scheduled for Dec. 2, but they will only go ahead with the procedure if her ANC is above 750. Beth, the NP, seems dubious that it will be that high. The spinal tap (delayed or not) will start the second half of delayed intensification. She will get 3 new drugs- an infusion of cyclophosphamide on the day of the spinal tap, oral thioguanine for two weeks, and 8 shots of cytarabine. Then, her little body will be allowed to recover and it's on to long term maintenance (LTM).

That's the plan anyway...


  1. Hate we missed you guys today but very thankful your trip was quick. The shots----I got this tip from another moms caringbridge site and did not us this very helpful tidbit until the last shot, my mistake. Offer to let Mollie give an apple, tomato, orange a shot after you give her shot to her. Gage really enjoyed this as well as Makayla. These are not fun because of the anticipation but you will be able to get through it and praise God when it's over. Hope to see you on the 2nd, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. Can you tell any difference in her when her ANC is down? Or really an indicator of infection RISK, not current health?

  3. Good question, G. We don't have any physical indicator other than the CBC (blood test). Whenever she is on strong chemo, we expect that her bone marrow will be suppressed. It seems like her ANC goes down first, followed by red cells and platelets. Paleness and fatigue indicate that the red cells are low; bruising indicates that her platelets are low.

  4. man, you handle all of this so well!


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