Pesto pasta, on tap?

All I want for Christmas is... pesto pasta?

That's all that Mollie will eat or talk about. She said she even dreamed about it last night!

I have made at least four batches of it (and 1 run to the store to get more pesto- Contadina brand only!) in the last 2 days.

I wish our refrigerator had a pesto pasta dispenser.


  1. Ha - I would too (and all too frequently do)!! I love pesto pasta, the key (for me anyway) is to sneak in a vegetable here and there (broccoli, peas, corn all goes well) and lots of cheese....that way at least I feel I am eating vegetables and protein in there as well as yummy pesto and pasta goodness!

  2. That sounds fairly cheap. Gage is a butter shrimp (scampi), corn on the cob, steak and baked potato man when he's on 'roids. Tonight is the last 1/2 of a pill and then we will see the effects for the rest of the week. May your kitchen be filled with all that Mollie craves.

    Happy Thanksgiving....pasta anyone?


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