Today was a little better.  I think Mollie is starting to accept the new normal.  She makes comments about her swollen tummy or face and says, "It's not my fault, it's the cancer's fault.  And I'm gonna fight that cancer."

We made beaded necklaces today- it gave Mollie something to do with her hands, it was creative, and she could do it without much help. Perfect!

In the picture... Mollie was giving Lucy a little love.  She had just eaten spaghetti (hence the orange mouth).  She's got two stitches on her neck from the Mediport placement.  They come out Thursday.  She won't let me anywhere near them to clean off the sticky band-aid goo, so that's why they look kind of gross.

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  1. Mollie has got your expression in this picture. Looking good!


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