So, a fabulous twin stroller arrived on my porch today! All I can say is THANK YOU! I still don't know the whole story (who it is from) but nea has sent a card so I will soon learn. It didn't arrive until just before I left to teach tonight so I haven't even set it up yet, but I am so looking forward to getting both kids out on a long stroll.

Tomorrow Mollie has procedures. That means she is NPO starting at midnight tonight (because of the anesthesia) and THAT is going to be a challenge since she's so hungry. But we'll see it through. We'll go to clinic to get her port accessed and CBC/Chem panel and then over to the OR for a bone marrow aspirate and LP (lumbar puncture). They will do a spinal tap to look for cancerous cells in the central nervous system and then give her methotrexate intrathecally (in her spinal column). Our hope is that she is still in remission and we can proceed on to the next phase of treatment, consolidation.


  1. feed her at 11:45pm!! and i love her sarah original shirt she is wearing!

  2. Good luck with the testing tomorrow!

    And enjoy that stroller. What a wonderful gift!


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