Babyhead. This is what Mollie calls people (her parents, doctors, etc.) when she's really angry. We heard it quite a bit today.

We went in to the clinic about 9:30 AM to have her port accessed and bloodwork done. Dr. B thought her hemoglobin was too low, so she got a blood transfusion at the clinic. Then we headed over to the OR where they did her LP and BMA. It all went smoothly, but damn, it was a long day. The poor kid hadn't eaten since about 10 PM last night and she didn't get into surgery until 2:30 PM!

She demanded chicken nuggets as soon as the anesthesia wore off. We won't get the results of the bone marrow biopsy until Monday, but we're hoping for a nice chemo-free weekend.

Thanks to Michelle and Isabella, our Thursday night dinner fairies! And it was nice to see a few friends (Amy and Jeanene) during lunch today!

We ended the day on a positive note (after a grumpy, post-chicken nugget mood), with Mollie saying it was a good day and wanted to make bracelets for her doctor (the same one she called a babyhead)!


  1. babyhead is a lot better than diarrehea skull, which was tossed about in my family growing up. Hmmm, chicken nuggets, now I want some, I wonder if it is worth the drive...

  2. Mollie is a strong girl, but i can't help but thinking that she has awesome parents! god bless you.

    tc the grouch

  3. Mollie, I am afraid that I am going to steal your word!
    It is perfect, and so are you! I love you so much and I am very proud of you.

  4. babyhead's pretty clean, compared to the stuff that i hear from all those Army folks... she could teach them a lesson or two in potty mouth cleanup :)


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