Today was hard. We had to go in for labs, then chemo. The cranked the vincristine dose down to 50% for today, to help limit the side effects/toxicity.

That part was okay. Mollie has a port (Mediport) under her skin. It is basically an I.V. access device so she doesn't have to get a needle in her arm all the time. They can give the chemo through it and draw blood from it. So they accessed her port and drew blood for analysis. Her labs were fine. Her chemo infusion was fine.

After the chemo we had to go to nephrology for a follow up since they saw Mollie in the hospital last week because of her low sodium. We asked them if we really needed to do this since her labs were normal and the oncologists were following her closely- they said yes. We waited at least an hour to meet with a doc who told us what we already knew- her sodium and potassium levels were stable/normal and they want to follow up in a month.

All the while, Mollie was asking, approximately every 30-60 seconds, to go home or get something to eat. While we were waiting at nephrology, we ran into Dr. McD (one of the oncologists) who was surprised that Mollie still had to see the nephrologist. Mollie asked Dr. McD a bunch of questions and then dismissed her, saying "Okay, I'm done and I want you to leave now." That got back to the nurses at the oncology clinic and they loved it!!

In the last few days we have received packages from: Izzy C., Lala, Nea and Mike, Tracy and Aaron, and Cameron and Chris. Thank you!!

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  1. Izzy received a bday pkg from Mollie the other day and loved it. Thanks!


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