Weekend Round-Up

So far, so good. Mollie hasn't gotten sick (well, she has a runny nose/cough, but no fever) and Lucy is on the mend.

The big event for this weekend was Girl Scouts' 'Thinking Day'. Thinking Day has a global theme; girls participate in activities and projects to honor their sister Girl Scouts/Girl Guides around the world. The theme this year was "together we can end extreme poverty and hunger". Mollie's troop chose to honor the country of Kenya. They learned a little about the country and its people and even learned a few words in Swahili. Other troops chose different countries that are affected by extreme poverty. Overall, it was a good learning experience. The last part of the day was a the drum circle. A group came in with drums and percussion instruments for all the girl scouts and leaders. They taught a few different rhythms, the history of drumming, and how different instruments and individuals can work together to create some neat sounds. They called it 'empowerment' drumming and it really was a positive, team-building experience. And Liam slept through the whole thing!

Back to school tomorrow... hoping for a healthy week ahead.


  1. wonderful! how often does mollie go to scouts? i can see this as a possibility for lala now, but for at least the first 3 months of school, the adjustment and fatigue led to meltdowns that had me avoiding all other activities after school.

  2. "Thinking day" has to be a great thing. And you are a great thinker & a wonderful big sister.
    Love you,

  3. Nicola- scouts is 2x per month plus occasional weekend opportunities. Mollie loves it!


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