Mollie woke up this morning with a low-grade fever. By the time we got to clinic, it was 103.1! Since she was neutropenic (ANC 615) last week, we thought she would end up in the hospital.

Her ANC was 6800, so we got a pass! She got a dose of rocephin (antibiotic) and Tylenol and ibuprofin and got sent home with strict instructions to come back if she seems worse or still has fever tomorrow morning.

She won't be going to school tomorrow, but if she's better (and we hope she is!), she will go back on Weds.

Our "good" thermometer broke and I think the one we're using now reads on the low side so I may need to go out for a new one. I'm off to take her temp right now...


  1. That is a great pass!

    What kind of thermometer do you use?

  2. Oh, wishing all the best thoughts for her temp to be down tomorrow too!

  3. Mollie, I know you aren't feeling well, but you just look beautiful!
    I hope you feel better soon.
    Love you!

  4. oh, man! good news on her ANC, though. is matt in NC? is he able to get to you or are storms a problem?


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