Mollie woke up this morning with no fever! She still had a low-grade fever last night, but now she's upstairs singing and playing fever-free.

Kat- we have a whole bunch of thermometers, but the one I trust most is a Vicks. It's quick and accurate. And ours needs a new battery. Do you have one that you recommend?


  1. Hooray! Hope the bug has gone away. Love you Mollie. Call me sometime soon so we can chat.

  2. I am glad the fever stayed away!

    I have been using the Braun Thermoscan (ear) I have two one has a night light so I can check the temp without turning lights on. Which is great since I check Mimi's temp probably too many times!

  3. Mollie-you are super cool! Literally. SO happy to hear the fever is gone.

  4. Awesome Miss Mollie! I'm so glad that you are doing better.
    Take good care of Lucy & Liam.
    Love you!


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