Almost Done

So... how is everybody?

Well, Lucy is still sick. She's very subdued and we can tell she's miserable. I'm going to take her to the doctor this afternoon because she has a fever now- I think she might have an ear or sinus infection. Update: She does have an ear infection, so now she's on antibiotics.

Mollie has been doing very well. She went to school on Wednesday and yesterday she stayed for the whole school day plus the girl scout meeting afterwards! She's going for half day today and then she gets her last dose of dexamethasone tonight. The month the steroid pulse has been so much better than last month. Who knows why? She does have a runny nose and I've heard there is a stomach bug going around school, so I'm steeling myself in preparation for Mollie getting sick, but still hoping that these bugs skip over her.

The rest of us are doing fine at the moment; we're trying to figure out a schedule and we're doing a lot of handwashing! The weather lately has been dreary-- some sunshine would be wonderful so we can get out of the house!


  1. I hope all goes well. Sarah, you sound tired & I'm guessing Matt is too. Bless you all.
    I love you guys...

  2. thank you for the update. poor lucy. finn's cold has been so intense so long that i think he might actually be on cold number 2.
    nasty buggies. i hope they skip mollie.

  3. Glad to know Mollie's doing well. Poor Lucy. I'm also battling the end of a 2.5 week cold. Boo. I blame lots of travel. Hoping for some sunny weather for you.

  4. hope Lucy feels better soon. Thinking of you guys.


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