Weekend Roundup

Mollie had a pretty good weekend! We went to the zoo on Saturday (her last day of steroids). As usual, we entered through the botanical gardens - Mollie likes the gardens better anyway. She enjoyed hiking down a woodland trail to the river, but was tired by the time we actually got to the zoo. On the trail we spotted a butterfly, ladybug, baby snake, 2 lizards, and a giant beetle. So she said she already saw a bunch of animals and didn't need the zoo! I couldn't agree more. We did a very brief tour of the zoo and then headed for home.

Unfortunately, by this time Lucy was really starting to get sick (runny nose, watery eyes, cough). Today, she developed a fever and has been cranky and uncomfortable all day. Mollie played with Isabella most of the afternon. She had a lot of emotional ups and downs during the day (steroid withdrawal) but tonight she is back to her usual self. Now, if only we can keep her from getting whatever Lucy has...


  1. I was glad to see Mollie was up to the fun run for the Veterans as well as taking in the zoo. She's quite an inspiration to all. But I'm also sorry to hear that Lucy isn't feeling well. I hope she feels better very soon and that everybody's well for Thanksgiving. So sweet to hear about Mollie's gift to Lucy. (I hope the girls received the package I sent a week or so ago.)

    You all remain in my prayers,
    Theresa (Matt's 2nd cousin)
    The Villages, FL

  2. Oh the challenges you endure! No wonder Mollie is such a trooper-- she has a great example regularly. Hope Lu recovers quickly and Mollie avoids catching the crud. See your crew-- gosh, is it next week already?!


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