And it's off to clinic again...

This time just for a blood count check.

Mollie had a good day at school yesterday and it is her turn to be the "special person" so she gets to show and tell today. She brought a huge fall leaf that we found over the weekend and a plastic shark toy ("because the theme is the ocean this month, Mama").

I'll pick her up after lunch and head downtown for counts. If they are up, the will probably bump her chemo dose up to 75% and then 100% in 2 weeks. I'm not sure what happens if the counts are low- I'm guessing they will hold chemo until they rebound. Hoping those counts are up!


  1. Hoping from DC for those counts to be up! Wish we could've sent ocean month goodies from the islands :(

  2. Well she's right, a plastic shark is ocean themed....:0) Hope the counts are up!


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