Just after the start

Today, Mollie participated in a "fun run" in honor of Veterans Day. The run was a mile- Mollie probably ended up doing a little more than half. We're really proud of her! Just consider what she's been up against recently: 1) a 2 week hospitalization for H1N1 flu & pneumonia; 2) 4 days of decadron (steroids); and 3) IV chemo this week (a major side effect of vincristine is foot droop and bone pain). This kid is a champ!

The superstar coming in to the finish line!

Tomorrow is her last day of steroids for this round; we're all looking forward to that. This round hasn't been too bad though. Last night, Lucy ended up throwing up all night and we tried our best to keep Mollie away from her. Lucy is better today and Mollie has not gotten sick (but I still have my fingers crossed). Mollie was sad about having to stay away from Lucy so she made her a special gift (a barf bucket full of washcloths, a stuffed animal, and a get well card). She's glad they can play together today and wants us to move Lucy's crib into her bedroom this weekend.


  1. Mollie you are awesome. I wish you were coming to do the marathon with me, I could sure use your spirit at mile 20!

  2. Way to go Mollie! Congrats on your run and what a clever get-well gift for Lucy. Love it.

  3. Mollie you are a real champion. Take care of yourself and your little sister!
    Love you

  4. i am HUGELY impressed! i doubt i could get lala to run half a mile!
    you go girl! also loving the sisterly love at your house!

  5. Three cheers to Mollie and her family! Greetings from New York!

  6. Too sweet! It's awesome that she even wanted to bother with the run. I saw dad looking somewhat serious in the background, too :) Sweet to make the barf bucket and great that you have recorded moments like this for the girls to look back on when they're fighting over clothes and who gets the car in a few years ;)


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