No news = good news

Mollie's been doing fine the last few days. She's energetic and eating well and acting like her normal self. I am enjoying the 75% chemo dose because.... there's no pill cutting!! Usually, we have to cut pills in half every day; because it's chemo, we're supposed to wear gloves and be really careful about cleaning up afterward. This week, it's all whole pills!

The bad news is that Mollie's hair is still falling out and it's noticeably thin. So, she has requested that we get the Charlie Brown movie (Why, Charlie Brown, Why) to show her class. And, we'll also try to get Ms. Kym to do a presentation. She is okay with people asking her questions about her hair, but she gets tired of explaining. And she really hates it when kids say she looks like a boy. We went through a phase of adults mistaking her for a boy too. Maybe this time we'll get more headbands with bows or something. She said definitely no wig- too itchy.

We're all looking forward to the weekend!


  1. what a smart girl with no nonsense attitude!

  2. Mollie,
    You are wise well beyond your years. Sarah and Matt please let me know if there is something I can do. Mollie, you are my hero. You are so brave and strong...
    Love you!

  3. I love that Mollie loves pink and princesses and fairies! It doesn't matter how much hair you have!! Yay for girly girls!!! I'm one too. Cheering for you :)


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