Halfway through the steroids

Mollie went to school for half the day today. After she finally got out of bed this morning (a big challenge, especially when she is taking dexamethasone), she was very cheerful and looking forward to school. She was also really happy when I picked her up.

Afternoons are another major challenge during the steroid pulse. She started getting impatient when we went to pick up Lucy. Then she teared up, saying she wished she was still in pre-K because they got to play more and it wasn't so much work! She had a similar complaint yesterday and when I asked her about the "work" she said she was tired of doing so much "cutting and gluing!" She has a little more homework to do tonight, but I think I'll let her skip anything that involves cutting or gluing.

Oh no! Lucy just threw up...


  1. Ack! Hope it was just a one off barf!

  2. I was hoping that too... unfortunately that's not the case. We're doing laundry load #4 right now. At least there's some good TV on tonight!

  3. oh no, sarah....
    was the barf sudden? if so, hopefully it is what we all had. ~12 hours, then gone.


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