Clinic Update

Mollie had yet another clinic visit yesterday to check counts and get her (seasonal) flu shot.
Her counts were great (ANC = 2900) so she's back on 100% chemo dose. She goes back in 2 weeks for IV vincristine.

She was very scared about her flu shot, but Lucy was so sweet and helped her through it. She saw Mollie crying and came up and hugged her and said, "It's okay, Ma-wee." The shot was over in a flash and when nurse Pam was rubbing Mollie's leg to make sure the antigen was distributed, Mollie said it felt like a massage!


  1. she is so brave! how about you and matt? you are winding down now to an VERY busy time!
    pregnancy updates for us?

  2. You have some ADORABLE Princesses :)
    Mimi was scared of the flu shot also, I thought it was "funny" she is fine with a huge needle in her chest but a tiny flu shot needle freaked her out...
    I am glad Mollies counts look good!

  3. Two little snow whites, so cute! Mollie you are very brave getting the flu shot, and I think everyone needs their own Lucy!

  4. Mollie... I have to admit this... I have never told anyone... you are the first one to know this... I CRIED WHEN I GOT MY FLU SHOT! I hate flu shots so much. But, then, it wasn't so bad, and guess what?? I feel good knowing that I won't pass any "yuckies" on to anyone else, and that the flu shot is helping me do that. So...I am proud of you, and yes, flu shots are no fun, but now you can hold your head up high. You are so brave, Mollie Girl!
    I love you and I hope that you have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving with your family. Smile and Be Happy! Gobble Gobble!

  5. PS: I love your Snow White costumes. You and Lucy look SOOOOO pretty! I wish that I could have been there and danced with you guys in the kitchen. :-)

  6. These two are entirely too sweet :)


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