The Weekend

Well, after consulting with 2 oncologists and the school nurse, principal, and Mollie's teacher, we decided to send Mollie to school today. So, she's off.

We had a lovely weekend, even though Matt was out of town. Friday night we did a little impromptu school clothes shopping; Mollie has outgrown everything and we had to supplement the big batch of hand-me-downs from our neighbors (thanks, Michelle). Then we went over to Shane's for "girls night" and had a nice time chatting & eating delicious snacks.

On Saturday, we woke up early and headed to the pool/waterpark at the Y. Mollie and Lucy both had a fabulous time swimming, and the weather cooperated. After dinner we all snuggled up on the sofa and watched Shark Tale (Lucy couldn't sit still so we finally just put her to bed).

Sunday, we went to Mass, ran some errands, went to the pool with Isabella, and then had a quiet evening.

Tomorrow (Tues.), Mollie goes for her monthly IV vincristine in the clinic and then begins her 5-day steroid pulse. I'm also a little anxious to get her counts. I hope they are good (we're shooting for the range of ANC =1000-2000); if they are low, we'll definitely be keeping her home from school until they come up again.


  1. It is so exciting to hear how Mollie loves Kindergarten. Nick will be starting Kindergarten in two weeks and we were thinking about writing a letter to the parents in his class. When you get a chance, do you mind sending me a copy of your letter? My husband and I have been pondering what to write. My email: kshannon@scj.com. Take Care. Karen Shannon from Nickrocks site.

  2. Yay for school, I've been going on the advice that you've received. I can't wait until Wednesday to see if his counts are high enough to return to school.

    I hope this round of steroids goes well for Mollie and that the mood swings do not effect her ability to go to school, Gage will be staying home when he's on the juice.

    Praying for you guys,


  3. fingers crossed on her counts.
    i didn't know you go to mass!
    your weekend sounded lovely.

  4. Cheers for a great weekend and counts just right!


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