Clinic Update

I was surprised at the numbers: ANC = 1900. Perfect! Mollie will stay on her 100% chemo dose and will start back on Septra (the preventive antibiotic she takes every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). She will have her counts re-checked in 2 weeks to make sure the Septra is not suppressing her counts too much. If it is, they will switch to a new drug, pentamidine. So, we'll just wait and see.

Mollie had a rough time at clinic today. Lots of tears. We had to hold down her arms and legs so the nurse could access her port without hurting her. I even had to drag her in to see Nicki for her weight and height measurement. She did finally calm down and was downright pleasant, even giving Beth a hug before we left!

She's already had her first dose of steroids for this pulse. We are planning on sending her to school tomorrow (barring any problems); it will be interesting to see how she does at school the rest of this week.

To quote another cancer mama, "The great thing about cancer is the spontaneity it provides to your life." Thanks for putting that into words, DMM.


  1. I wish blogger had Facebook's option of just thumbs-up liking something!

  2. Great news about the ANC counts! One more step on the road to wellness (Hey Mollie, maybe you will meet me on this road.)
    I have been following the blog of Arik and Mia - Great story.
    Grandpa TC

  3. great news on the counts. you're a champ, mollie!


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