Kindergarten on Steroids

Well, we have reached the end of Mollie's second week of school, her first on steroids. She has done great! Each day, she was smiling and happy when I picked her up. She has had a tough time waking up in the morning and she has been ready for bed by 7:30 PM, but she has handled all of it very well.

Mollie had school pictures yesterday-- not sure how those are going to turn out since she has big circles under her eyes.

Today she was off to the Y with Bella. She will get her last dose of steroids for this pulse tonight so tomorrow she should start feeling better and more energetic.

Off to enjoy the rest of the weekend...


  1. Wow, 7:30, poor little darlin! Glad she's juggling the new lifestyle so well thus far :)

  2. Hope you had a nice, relaxing, sleeping in kind of weekend!


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