Steroids, Day 2

It's been interesting.

I know that Mollie behaves differently around me, especially when she's on steroids. She's clingy and needy ("But I just want you, mama.") and very emotional. She did NOT want to go to school this morning, but we really thought she should go. I never want her to use cancer as an excuse to get out of doing something she doesn't want to do, but it is so hard to tell whether she's looking for an excuse or she's really not feeling well.

So, the morning was rough. She didn't want to get up, didn't want to eat breakfast, didn't want to get on the bus. But, I convinced her that she could make it through half the day, wrote a note to her teacher, and she agreed to go. I picked her up shortly after lunch and Mrs. S (her teacher) told me that she had had a great day!

At home, there were a lot of ups and downs; Lucy was really annoying her (very unusual since they usually get along great). She said she was feeling gloomy like Eeyore. Around 2 she took a long nap and went to bed at 7:30 tonight. No doubt she was tired.

We're going to try the same thing again tomorrow, except I'll let her stay at school a little longer because tomorrow the art teacher comes and Mollie LOVES art. Mrs. S said she'll call if she thinks Mollie needs to go home earlier.

I'm hoping for a good day; she does very well with structured, organized activities, as long as she gets enough time for rest.

This picture is from the last time she was on steroids, but I haven't busted out the camera this week so it will have to do.


  1. Oh, I hope she stays longer tomorrow and feels more up! Sounds like you have a good teacher there too. Good luck!

    ps - I love Lucy's little pony tail - so cute!

  2. Go Mollie! You are sweet and strong.
    Grandpa TC

  3. "Children thrive on structure and rest", that was your Grandma Eilers' advice to me when I was a young mom. It always worked too. Love you.

  4. tell mollie that eeyore is lala's lovey (special friend) and her eeyore isn't gloomy. ;)
    hope today goes better. you are a great mom!

  5. I'm so happy that school is fitting well and that Mollie's teacher is working with you to make things run smoothly. Can't wait to see the art projects!

  6. Hope she starts to feel more like tigger and less like eeyore, but glad she's able to express her stress!


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