Clinic tomorrow

Mollie has adjusted to life back at home. We had a fun family weekend- the weather was cooler and drier than usual (mid-high 80s) so we went to the Putt Putt (mini golf). Mollie hit a hole-in-one all by herself!

I will take Mollie to clinic tomorrow for her monthly IV chemo treatment and count check. Hopefully her ANC will be back up above 1000 and she can resume oral chemo at home. She will also begin the 5-day steroid pulse. We are looking forward to getting that over with so we can go on vacation! Fingers crossed for good counts and no fevers!


  1. All fingers (and toes) crossed. Congratulations on the Hole in One!

  2. You are on Mondays now? How did we all get so switched up on days? We are headed to clinic today. I am going in late though! Hope all stays well with you guys!!

  3. Carrie- we just went Monday because we're planning on going on vacay at the end of the week. Wanted to get those steroids over with!

    Next appt. is a Friday. But after that, we will be back to Tues., I think.


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