Letters... She's got letters....

Mollie got so many letters at camp- she was so happy that there was something in the mailbox for her every day! She wanted to say thank you to everyone who sent something. Here's the list:

Lala and Finn
Momo & TC
Janet and Charlie
Chemo Angels Susan & Belle
Rhian- for the welcome home card. Perfect timing, as usual!

I hope I didn't forget anyone! I will double check her pile of stuff to make sure.

And here's a shot of her right after she got off the bus from camp-


  1. I looked through her stuff and I didn't see a note from Katherine.... what did it look like?

  2. Matt, you are looking great! Mollie, you are looking sublimely happy. I am so happy that the whole camp thing worked out well.
    I look forward to seeing the whole family very soon.
    Love ya!,
    Grandpa TC The Grouch

  3. I think she sent something by UPS. I know she asked for the camp address.


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