How Mollie REALLY Feels About Steroids

Mollie slipped this note under the door this morning while I was in the shower:

I think the note is pretty self-explanatory, but according to Mollie, the note said, "Dear Mama, I am not having any FUN. I am doing bored! From, Mollie."


  1. Hi Mollie,

    Greetings from TC the Grouch in TC (Tahoe City). I loved your drawing. You have learned so much in the last year. What do you think would help to "unbore" you?
    Grandpa TC the Grouch

  2. To add to the letter from Grandpa TC, above:

    Dear Mollie,
    I loved your drawing. I have learned so much from you in the last year.
    Maybe you could sit down and teach Lucy how to draw so beautifully!

    p.s. Sarah, she is writing so well!

  3. That made me giggle. I'm glad she can express herself! I wonder if she can come and write some of those notes to stick under my students doors.......

    Hope you find some entertainment soon Mollie!

  4. Mollie says that she would be "unbored" if she could go swimming or do something "celebration-ish." Hmmm. Swimming is out because of the low ANC, but maybe tomorrow we'll have a tea party.

    Rhian, feel free to use the grouchy face. Personally, I love the eyebrows!

  5. A second thought on this post...

    Sarah, I remember when your little sis meant to say "I am bored" but instead said "I am boring". Not true at all, but still funny!

    TC The Grouch

  6. We start Delayed Intensification on Thursday with a five day Dex (steroid) part. I am not looking forward to it.


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