Quick Note

So happy that Mollie is off the steroids! It wasn't a terrible week, but it's just better when she's back to her normal self.

My mom is on her way home (or maybe already there) and we had a fun visit. It was great to have one more person around to help deal with the side effects.


  1. didn't she just get there?!
    she is coming home to HEAT, but probably left it there, too.

  2. She stayed for a week. Yes, lots of heat and humidity! My mom claims she loves it- me, not so much.

  3. I had a wonderful visit and was glad to help alleviate the steroid boredom and yes, I do love the heat. I woke up this morning to dreary overcast. I was born and raised in Oakland but I'll always hope for sunny mornings in the summer.


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