On the horizon

Mollie has clinic tomorrow- a spinal tap and chemo. She said she's kind of looking forward to it because she gets to have the funny medicine (Versed) and she gets to pick out a toy.

I'm not looking forward to it at all. Really, who looks forward to their child getting methotrexate, a potent toxin, injected directly into their brain and central nervous system?

She will be NPO starting at midnight tonight, so no food or drink until after the surgery, which usually ends up being around 1 or 2 in the afternoon. Recently our friend Zachary had a leak after his spinal and had horrible headaches and nausea until they gave him a blood patch. So now I'm worried about that too.

I will be glad when the spinal and the 5 days of steoids that follow are over.

My mom is here visiting (yay!) so at least we won't have to bring Lucy to clinic. I know my mom will help distract Mollie from the awful steroids, too.


  1. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way. Mollie is such a superstar!

  2. hugs, sarah. huge ones. glad your mom is visiting.

  3. Hey Sarah,

    Please let me know how Mollie did today. Also, Isabella has been asking about a play date. Our thoughts, as always, are with you.


  4. I needed a blood patch once as well (after a DNC miscarriage) and the anesthesiologist wouldn't give me one! I was *so* sick for days.

    If it ever happens, demand a blood patch & keep that kid horizontal. It was so much better if I didn't try to sit or stand.


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