Clinic Update

Mollie's chemo and LP went very well today. These clinic days involve a lot of waiting- either in the clinic or in the OR waiting room. Mollie didn't get in for her procedure until around 2, but she played happily in the waiting room most of the time. I was expecting a lot of whining, but she only mentioned being hungry/bored/tired a handful of times.

Her ANC is low @640 (neutropenic is anything < 1000) so she has to come back in two weeks for counts. Her protocol keeps her on 100% chemo dose since this is the first time she has had low counts. If they remain low, they will cut the dose back to 50% or hold chemo until her counts come back up.

She's doing great tonight- she was tumbling around with Lucy and spinning in circles in the store!


  1. Been thinking of you all day. Glad the procedures went well. Mollie is a very tough little 5 year old! Love, Grandma Janet

  2. fingers crossed all continues to go well.


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