Friends mean a lot to us. Since Mollie's cancer diagnosis, we have strengthened friendships with people we already knew. Mollie's best friend Isabella and her family have been there for us every time we've needed them (even if we didn't know we needed them) and I can't say enough good things about them. And our friends from around the country have been a tremendous support.

We also have new friends that we probably wouldn't know if Mollie didn't have leukemia. Other families from clinic, people from Team in Training, and other people who have been affected by cancer.

Courson's family gave Mollie some birthday money this week and it made her day! She picked a toy store and spent at least 45 minutes deciding what she wanted to buy. After her spinal tap and before the toystore, we met Zackary and his mom at Stevi B's for pizza and games!

On Friday, we met up with some other friends at the park... Abi is about Mollie's age and her little sister was diagnosed with leukemia when we were in the hospital in December. Mollie and Abi are on the same wavelength and had fun playing (that's them jumping in the photo).

I bumped into a friend from TNT yesterday at the store and it reminded me that our online buddy, Rhian, is going to be running the Hibiscus Half Marathon in Hawaii in honor of Mollie. I can't find her fundraising page online, but you can read her post about it here.


  1. I'm so glad Mollie is doing great! She looks wonderful. I too appreciate all the great friends we have made through Gage's diagnoses, I hate the way we have found these great folks but am thankful for all of them.

    Sarah, thank you so much for the visit and for the goodies. Gage really enjoyed them and Mollie is so sweet--Gage had me hang up the beautiful drawing of the teddy bear Mollie sent him and of course the goody bag she made was a huge hit. I really appreciate being able to call on you if we need anything while in town. Thank you for being you!

    Continue having wonderful days.


  2. how can you miss with a best friend named isabella? ;)


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