No foolin'

Mollie's spinal and IV chemo went very well yesterday. She couldn't eat because of the anesthesia, so she was miserably hungry all morning. That made the port access, blood draw, and the waiting much more difficult for both of us. I was fasting too (except for coffee)- I wouldn't even consider eating in front of her. It wasn't too bad as far as spinal taps go: we got to clinic when it opened at 9 and we were in the car to go home at 1:45. Then we met up with Zachary and Carrie at the pizza place and Mollie ate two plates of pasta, breadsticks, and shredded cheese!

We are laying low today because the steroids are already having an effect- Mollie has sunken eyes and is very, very tired. It's rainy and dreary outside, so it's a good day to stay in.


  1. Sounds like the perfect day to "lay low." Glad to hear all went well yesterday. Mollie you are such a beautiful, strong girl. I love you so, so, much. Wish I could be there right now. Ich liebe dich,
    deine Oma

  2. i am glad she is doing okay. hugs from here. oh, a leapster cartridge is headed your way. which do you need? i don't want to send duplicates!

  3. Thanks Nicola! The only cartridge she has so far is "I Spy". Of course she loves anything girly and pink. But we're just looking to expand her options at the moment...


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